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Vladislav Zlobin, ResearchGate


 Selected publications

Almjasheva O. V., Popkov V. I., Proskurina O. V., Gusarov V. V. Phase formation under conditions of self-organization of particle growth restrictions in the reaction system. Nanosystems: Phys. Chem. Math., 2022, 13(2), 165–181.

A systematic analysis of literature data concerning the influence of methods and conditions of synthesis on the possibility of self-organization of particle growth restrictions during chemical reactions of solid phase has been conducted. The prospects of using such methods to obtain nano-crystalline phases are shown. It is demonstrated that a disadvantage of such methods of synthesis is the risk of forming precursor phases instead of target products. To avoid such an outcome, several methods of synthesis are proposed. Based on the analysis of literature data, examples of the transformation of precursor nanoparticles into nanocrystals of target phases are classified and presented. A scheme that allows optimal combination of synthesis methods to obtain nano-crystalline particles of a given composition, structure, size, and shape is designed.

 Chemical design