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RAS Corresponding member Victor Gusarov, on one of the days of thinking about the indestructibility of Russian science, despite any sophisticated attempts by all modernizers, he decided to unite like-minded people in a scientific group dealing with the problems of creating new materials.

It was decided to give the name of the scientific group the following - Chemical Design of Materials. Since then, Victor Gusarov has been its permanent leader.

The team of the ChemDM scientific group is solving a wide range of fundamental problems of the physical chemistry of inorganic materials. The main areas of work are related to the synthesis of new inorganic compounds, nanocrystalline substances and materials, the study of relationships between the chemical composition, structure, dispersion and properties of substances, the study of the processes of establishing metastable states and phase equilibrium, experimental and calculated construction of phase diagrams. Of particular interest to the members of the scientific group are studies of the effects associated with the influence of the non-autonomous state of matter on the behavior and properties of materials.

Applied research is focused on the development of new structural and functional materials, primarily materials for various applications in the energy sector, and on the study of the principles of biocompatibility of inorganic materials. The research group is also working on the creation of nanopowders, nanoceramics, organic-inorganic nanocomposites, hybrid and other nanomaterials. The group members have developed and introduced sacrificial materials for the passive safety system of nuclear reactors (core catcher), which represent a fundamentally new class of functional materials. These works were carried out in close cooperation with such organizations as FSUE "Alexandrov NITI", JSC "Magneton Plant", JSC "Borovichi Refractories Plant" and others.

The members of the ChemDM scientific group are open to cooperation. If you are a student and want to try your hand at performing real scientific and applied scientific tasks, then the ChemDM scientific group can offer an extensive list of topics that can become the basis for completing graduate qualification works. The ChemDM scientific group invites young people who want to connect their lives with science to graduate school at ETU "LETI", Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology, Ioffe Institute.

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